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What We Do

Chill Cville is a wellness practice that offers a unique and innovative approach to physical recovery and well-being.


Using Cryotherapy, Red Light Therapy, Dynamic Compression and Massage, Chill Cville aims to promote healing, reduce inflammation, and enhance overall wellness.


Our customized services address your specific needs, be they injury recovery, pain management, beauty and relaxation or general wellness. Click on a goal to learn more about our unique services!

Our Core Services

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I’ve liked all of the services I’ve tried but the Precision Cryotherapy has been specifically helpful in healing my wrist tendinitis and the Cryo Thermo Impact Facial was next level! 

Dawn has made a huge difference in my life. I have had numerous abdominal surgeries and have lots of scar tissue. Dawn can massage it apart and help me live pain free.

Super friendly and attentive staff! The compression massage and cryotherapy felt very restorative to my injuries.




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