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Recover Faster with Cryotherapy in Charlottesville VA

Strained ankle? Sore muscles? Achy knee? Rivanna Cryotherapy Recovery Center can get you back on the trail! Recover like a professional athlete with whole body and localized cryotherapy. The Center also offers NormaTec Compression therapy.  If you have never heard of cryotherapy, or have been afraid to try it, you are not alone. Read on to learn more about the effectiveness and safety of cryotherapy.

What is whole body cryosauna?

A whole body cryosauna is a booth with a door that shuts with a magnet…so you can gently push it open at anytime. A lift inside the sauna raises your head above the nitrogen vapor that fills the booth, chilling it to negative 220 degrees Fahrenheit.  The vapor may be many times colder than ice, but it does not feel at all like an ice bath. The vapor is dry, and therefore, much more tolerable than ice. Plus, you are only in the booth for less than 3 minutes! The cryosauna provides more benefits than a 25-minute ice bath. The cryotechnian can play your favorite song, and the session will over about when your song ends!

Why should I get into a cryosauna?

A whole body cryotherapy session is like hitting a reset button. The extreme cold stimulates the release of anti-inflammatory cytokines and hormones such as endorphins. Blood rushes to the core to protect your organs and then immediately rushes back out to the extremities when you step out, dramatically increasing circulation. The results are reduced inflammation and increased metabolism. Most people report immediate pain relief and a better night’s sleep after a session.

But is it safe?

The JUKA cryosauna is the only UL labeled sauna on the market. It has been thoroughly tested at the MET laboratories and has been certified as fitness equipment that is safely operating. The Center observes strict safety protocols: for example, clients must be completely dry and wear protective mittens, socks and slippers. The cryo technicians are trained in safety protocols and stand at eye level with the clients at all times to ensure that everything is going smoothly. (If you hear negative press about cryotherapy, it is because an unsafe unit was used or safety protocols were not followed.

What is Precision or Localized Cryotherapy?

Precision cryotherapy is best for treating a specific injury, such as a sprained ankle or plantar faciitis. A stream of nitrogen vapor is directed at the affected area. In less than 10 minutes, clients experience reduced swelling, inflammation and pain. Again, less painful and more effective than ice.

What is NormaTec compression therapy?

The NormaTec PULSE Recovery System is a dynamic compression device designed for recovery. NormaTec’s patented PULSE technology helps athletes recover faster between trainings and after performance. (People who experience leg fatigue and swelling also benefit from this system.)​

The system includes a control unit and attachments that go on the legs, arms, or hips. They use compressed air to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid, and speed recovery. Lymph is the vehicle the body uses to metabolize waste. By increasing lymphatic circulation, NormaTec compression speeds up recovery.

Where is Rivanna Cryotherapy Recovery Center located?

The Center is in the McIntire Plaza, just down Allied Street from Circa and C’ville Coffee, behind Habitat for Humanity. Plenty of parking is available in front of 1745 Allied Street, Suite B.

How do I book an appointment?

The Center has walk-in hours: Monday-Friday, 12-6pm; Saturday, 10am-4pm; and Sunday Noon to 4pm. You may also book an appointment on-line if you visit and click on the Book Now button.  You may also call the Center at 434-989-0538. Appointments are available outside of walk-in hours. And, you may book private parties!

Cryotherapy: Recover Faster!

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