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CryoThermo Facial With Rivanna Cryotherapy Recovery Center

"Aging happens — and sometimes all of the creams and potions in the world aren’t going to make a big difference. That’s where the “Glow Facial” —  a name coined by Dawn Woodring, owner with her husband Francis Vicente at RIVANNA CRYOTHERAPY RECOVERY CENTER  — comes in. If you’re looking to reverse the skin sag that comes with aging, with no downtime, this treatment is for you.

- After just one session, I noticed a visible toning and tightening result. And true to its name, my skin glowed. And did so for weeks afterward. This would be an ideal treatment in advance of a big event, but Dawn advises that continued treatments have a lasting result, as collagen production continues months after your last treatment.

- The pros at Rivanna Cryotherapy Recovery Center will assess your skin to determine how many treatments you might need. Dawn shared that between 3 to 5 weekly sessions (spaced seven days apart), dependent on each individual’s skin, would produce lasting results that appear gradually over a few months.

- Alternating hot and cold therapies increase your skin circulation which triggers a natural cell turnover and increased collagen production. Dawn’s clients have reported more youthful looking skin with fewer wrinkles, blemishes, smaller pore size and a reduction in puffiness around the eyes.

- Prior to my facial, I removed all of my makeup and facial lotion. After lying down on a comfortable treatment table, Dawn applied a gel for glide that does not freeze. Then over the course of 30 minutes, using a coupling device for precise application, Dawn applied hot and cold therapies. The whole experience was soothing, relaxing and completely pain free. Best part was I was able to scoot out and go about my day without having to hide behind sunglasses.

- I just focused on my face, but if you’re interested in targeting your chin, neck and décolletage, they can help you manage that, too. The treatment will take an additional 30 minutes.

I’ve experienced many facials over the years, and can honestly say this treatment was extremely effective in firming my skin and giving me an overall glow. I can’t wait to go back. Make your appointment today — and don’t forget to tell them Scout sent you."

Wellness Wednesday: Cryothermo Facial with Rivanna Cryotherapy Recovery Center

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